What Host Families are saying about Just AuPairs

Just Aupairs has successfully found our family an excellent French aupair for many years.  Initially I contacted a number of aupair agencies to help me with the search, but I quickly realised that Just Aupairs provided such a good service and had a wide network of link agencies in France that there was no need to look any further. 


As mother with 3 young daughters, I very much appreciated the professional advice Just Aupairs were able to offer.  It is big step inviting a stranger into the heart of your family.  Over the years I have valued the personal relationship that I have developed with Hilary and Samantha- they know just what type of aupair I am looking for to suit our specific needs and each year they have worked extremely hard to identify the right girl.  I find it extremely reassuring to know that each girl has fully checked references, CRB and medical checks. 


Just Aupairs provides an invaluable point of contact to support both the new aupair and host family once the aupair has arrived in England.  They provide an excellent welcome pack for the aupair, and guidelines for the host family so that each side understands what is expected.   Furthermore, if any problems arise- as it did for us one year when it became clear that the new aupair had not fully explained her commitments back in France, I was able to speak with Hilary and Sam to try to resolve the problem.   It was agreed that the aupair should return home, and Just aupairs were successfully able to find a replacement aupair mid year- a service included in the registration fee.


I highly commend Just Aupairs to any family looking for an aupair.  While the service is initially more expensive than an internet search, I believe that engaging a professional agency like Just Aupairs gives total peace of mind and ongoing support to any family looking to welcome a young, inexperienced foreign visitor into their home. 
Nikki - Surrey

Having three under 2 made us very anxious and having never had any help let alone anyone living with us we were both quite nervous about it all but Samantha and Hilary were amazing, they guided us gently through the whole process and we ended up with a really lovely au pair, three times in a row!  Samantha is so patient and amazing and I would recommend Just Au Pairs to any family looking for an Au Pair to join their family.
Erica - London

Just au pairs was recommended to me 5 years ago and I have been really happy with the service. Sam and Hilary are efficient and reliable, give good advice and most importantly find great au pairs. If anything does go wrong and you need to find a replacement quickly  - they understand the urgency and are quick to help.
Kate - Surrey

My husband and I were recommended to Just Au Pairs a couple of years ago by another working mum with a busy household. It was late in the day and we were in a bit of a panic. As soon as I spoke to Hilary I was immediately reassured. We have had three excellent au pairs arranged by them so far. What singles them out above many other agencies is that they absolutely want it to work and for everyone to be happy. They really take the time to find out what the requirements are and match families accordingly. It is no wonder families like us return to them year after year. I would wholeheartedly recommend Just Aupairs. Pamela - London

I have been using Just Au Pairs for the past 8 years to help find au pairs to live with our family. I feel like Just Au Pairs have become part of our family –as we have spoken to them often and  they have helped us find several au pairs over the years. Samantha and Hilary are lovely to deal with and always helpful and positive.  Some of my friends use internet sites to find their au pairs but I use Just Au Pairs as they do all the hard work for you finding the right au pair for your family.  Their au pairs have been thoroughly vetted eg CRB and health checked including mental health – which is essential to me when au pairs are looking after my littlies. If we have ever had an aupair that has not settled e.g., severe homesickness then Just Au Pairs has helped deal with this scenario well – looking after the au pair and finding a new one for us.
Lucy - Surrey

I have used the au pair agency, Just Au Pairs for about 5 years.  They have always offered a very professional service and I have also recommended them to many of my friends who have needed au pairs. The whole team are very friendly and helpful. They are very prompt at replying to any concerns as I have had and always reply to emails and phone calls.  We have found through their agency some amazing, reliable au pairs and we are still friends with these au pairs that the agency has placed for us even after they have left.

Emma - Bucks

Just Au Pair’s was recommended to us by a friend as we embarked on the next stage of our childcare needs.  We have benefitted greatly from their considerable knowledge of the ever changing au pair world, successfully matching us to consistently high calibre girls with speed & ease.  A pragmatic & hands-on approach to the only post placement issue we have faced proved their ongoing support commitment to be genuine, swift & professional so minimising inconvenience & stress.   As a result we regularly recommend them to other families looking to navigate the au pair world when moving on from fulltime childcare.
Eveline - London

We have used Just Au Pairs since 2014, and have found their service, help and advice to be invaluable.  For us as a family it has ensured that we have a good basis on which to build the relationship with each new au pair, as the information provided by Just Au Pairs is comprehensive and easy to understand.  There is also peace of mind: when there has been a problem, they have been there to provide professional support and guidance without hesitation.
Chloe - Birmingham

I have lost count of the number of au pairs our family have now hosted, and we have used Just Au Pairs to find them for us for many years. When I telephone to start the search for a replacement au pair for the following year, I am greeted like an old friend by Samantha and Hilary. They always seem to have a wealth of potentially suitable au pairs to choose from and the whole process is very simple and straightforward. We currently have a really lovely au pair from Austria, introduced to us by Just Au Pairs, who arrived at the end of the summer and has settled in brilliantly.
Rhona - London

We have used Just Au Pairs for many years and they have helped us find several wonderful au-pairs. Samantha and Hillary have listened carefully to our family’s changing needs and quickly guided us to suitable candidates each time. We would definitely recommend Just Au Pairs and plan to be in contact again when we next search.
Ivana - Herts

I have friends who have attempted to source au pairs by themselves to save money, they used Gumtree or various other websites. What happened was that they would talk to potential au pairs and then they would let be let down at the last minute. So much time was wasted chasing people for emails trying to arrange Skype sessions. After listening to my friends I searched and I discovered Just Au Pairs. They take the headache out of sourcing good reliable people. The 4 girls I have had have been absolutely fantastic, dedicated, hardworking and a pleasure to have as part of our family. I would thoroughly recommend Just Au Pairs and I will continue to use them.
Charlie – Yorks

Sam and Hilary have been a wonderful team to work with over the years. They have always provided us with a professional and tailored service, working to the specific profile we've asked for. This has resulted in 4 successful, long term placements and we can't recommend Just Au Pairs highly enough.
Chris – Surrey